Japan Fitness Vacation
Japan 8 days ex Tokyo

Welcome to the dynamic and ever changing land of the rising sun. Make sure you pack a good dose of adventure along with your exercise
gear as we make the most of our energised week to combine physical activity with learning more about Japan. Absorb the history and
culture of this fascinating country as you cycle and run through the capital, meet our resident experts who will teach you about the physical
and mental discipline required to master karate, aikido, zazen meditation and sumo. Learn more about Shiatsu massage as our masseuse
loosens your muscles and enjoy an amazing sea kayak off the picturesque coast. And of course let’s not forget the ascent of Mt Fuji, Japan’
s highest and most holy peak and a morning spent watching the sun rise after walking all the way from the bottom along the oldest
pilgrimage route up the mountain.
Trip Details
Days 1-3 Tokyo
Explore this dynamic city on bike and foot as we combine
sightseeing with learning more about our bodies, fitness routines
and nutrition. We take part in Zazen sessions to focus our minds
and bodies and learn more about the discipline involved in the
traditional Japanese martial arts of karate and aikido. A visit to a
sumo stable teaches us more about this unique sport and we learn
about the life, diet and training schedule of these amazing
wrestlers. Sessions of shiatsu massage help loosen tight muscles
and energize us for the week ahead.

Days 4-5 Mt Fuji
We follow the oldest pilgrimage route up the sacred mountain and
spend some time learning about the significant of Mt Fuji as well as
the flora and fauna found on its lower reaches. Hiking up to 3,000m
(9842 feet) we spend a night in a mountain hut before waking early
to hike to the summit for sunrise. On the way down the mountain we
pick up mountain bikes then white water rafts to make the most of
the adventure options available in this fantastic area.

Day 6 Izu
A popular holiday destination, Izu is a mecca for outdoor
adventurers and we make the most of our time here by starting the
day with a stretch and a swim in the ocean. After a hearty breakfast
we hike along a ridge with spectacular views of the peninsula's
coastline before riding mountain bikes through rice fields and rural
hamlets. The afternoon is spent on sea kayaks to complete our
workout before we return to our hotel for a luscious seafood

Day 7 Tokyo
After optional morning activities, we return to Tokyo for our final night
spent on a boat cruising Tokyo Bay as we cook up our own dinner
of Monjayaki, a Tokyo specialty.

Day 8 Depart Tokyo
Sadly, our active fitness vacation draws to a close. Time for a
discussion about the past week, lessons learnt and how you can
apply it to your everyday life before we say our final sayonnaras.
8 days ex Tokyo