Izu Self Guided Cycle
Japan 5 days ex Tokyo

Located an hour by bullet train South-West of Tokyo and right South of Mount Fuji, the Izu Peninsula faces the Pacific Ocean and is part of
the Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park. It is located where the Philippine and Eurasian tectonic plates collide and was formed by ancient lava
flows from nearby Mt Fuji. Japan sits at the intersection of four tectonic plates and the friction that this creates is the reason for the presence
of so many thermal water springs (onsens). Izu is particularly famous for its onsens and has long been a popular holiday destination for
locals and international travellers in the know.

Historically significant as the landing point, in 1853,  of the black ships, the American fleet which opened up then isolated Japan to the
outside world, Izu is better known amongst holiday makers for its spectacular and rugged coastline. Made up of volcanic rock which has
been eroded and deformed by tectonic movements the peninsula’s mountains are mostly extinct volcanoes and provide stunning vistas
over the surrounding coastline and, in good weather, the iconic Mt Fuji.

There is no better way to explore the countryside of Izu than on a bike on your own self guiding holiday, and as well as well-maintained
mountain bikes we also provide bike locks and detailed maps with history and restaurant suggestions.  We can also organize fully guided
tours of the area and help you do some of the great classes and lessons Izu offers – wasabi farm visit, cooking school visit, martial arts
class, tea ceremony class, calligraphy lesson, sea kayaking experience and much more – you tell us what you'd like to do!
Trip Details
Day 1 Arrive Tokyo
Arrive and transfer from Narita Airport to your ryokan (local guesthouse) in the heart
of Tokyo.

Day 2 Izu
Catch the famous Shinkansen (bullet train) to Numazu where you pick up the bikes
and start your ride around the stunning Izu Peninsula.  Today is a comfortable 40km
ride that includes – weather permitting – some of the best viewing spots for the
magical Mt Fuji and lovely coastal views. Our great family run accommodations
provide an included fresh seafood dinner and traditional Japanese breakfast.

Day 3 Izu
Heading further south to Matsuzaki (40kms), which is famous for its unusual
traditional housing and quiet sandy beaches. Try some outdoor onsens and some
sea kayaking for a different view of the stunning coastline.

Day 4 Izu
We head inland and do a 60km day across Izu to the history filled Shimoda (there is
the option of a 100km ride for those who would like to stick to the coast). After a short
rest and an explore drop off your bikes and head back to Tokyo and the bustling city
after our time in the countryside of Izu.

Day 5 Depart Tokyo
Free time to spend relaxing or shopping in town before transferring back to the
Tokyo's neon, Stunning coastal scenery, Onsens,
Quiet beaches, Fuji views, Sea kayaking, Seafood