Southern Alps Hike
7 days ex Tokyo

Only in Japan can you start your day in the world's largest metropolis and end it in a mountain hut with nothing around you but fresh alpine
air.  While Japan's urban attractions are endless, this mountainous country is also a paradise for outdoor adventurers. This seven-day trip
takes you right from the centre of Tokyo to a part of Japan that few people, locals or visitors, are lucky enough to see.

We start our trip under the bright lights of central Tokyo, then travel high into the Southern Alps mountain range. We follow a
seldom-travelled ridge route through the mountains that runs from Mt. Kita, Japan's second-highest mountain, to Mt. Kai-Komaga, an
ancient pilgrimage destination. Along the way we trek through fields of alpine wildflowers, pay our respects to Shinto mountain gods at
trailside shrines and, hopefully, catch stunning views of iconic Mt. Fuji.

We tread lightly on the earth on this expedition, traveling by fuel-efficient trains and staying in traditional inns and simple mountain huts, and
we enjoy ample opportunities to meet local outdoor adventurers in the Alps. Alpine Japan is like nowhere else - come see this amazing
country from above the clouds.
Trip Details
Day 1 Arrive in Tokyo
Arrive in Tokyo and transfer by train to our hotel. You'll meet the group
and your leader tonight for dinner then a night tour of this amazing city.

Day 2 Transfer to Yamanashi, trek to shoulder of Mt. Kita (B, L, D)
We transfer to Yamanashi prefecture and start our uphill climb (7
hours) to just below the summit of Japan's second-highest mountain,
Mt Kita.

Day 3 Summit Mt. Kita, traverse to Mt. Senjo (B, L, D)
We climb to the summit of Mt. Kita. At 3192 meters, Mt. Kita is just 582
meters lower than Mt Fuji, so if the weather cooperates for us, (fingers
crossed!) we'll enjoy some unbeatable eye-level views of the summit
of Fuji.

Day 4 Alpine trek from Mt. Senjo to Mt. Kai-Komaga (B, L, D)
A stunning ridge trail from Mt. Senjo over to to the summit of Mt
Kai-Komaga (6 hours) in the late afternoon. We spend our last night in
the mountains.

Day 5 Descend from Mt. Kai-Komaga to Hokuto Trailhead (B, L, D)
Our route down from Kai-Komaga takes in a challenging mixture of
knife-edged ridges, chains, and a vertical ladder down a sheer
cliff-face (7 hours) then soak our weary muscles in the local public

Day 6 Return to Tokyo (B, L)
After a slow morning we transfer back to Tokyo and trade our hiking
boots for bicycles for a cycling tour of the city. We end the day with a
farewell feast.

Day 7 Departure day (B)
There are no activities planned so you are free to leave any time after
the included breakfast.
Departure dates