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Japan 8 days ex Tokyo

We base ourselves in Myoko in Niigata prefecture where many unique ski areas lie at the base of majestic Mount Myoko. There are endless
ways to enjoy skiing here, with powder snow, long scenic slopes and mogul courses for skiers to conquer. For those who want variety in
their skiing, there's Myoko Akakura Snow Area, with 32 trails. For those who want to ski a wide, gentle slope while appreciating the area,
there's the Ikenotaira Onsen Ski Resort. Myoko's Suginohara Ski Resort is recommended for those who like long trails, since it has the
longest ski run at 5.3 miles (8.5 km). Seki Onsen Resort is perfect for those who desire a genuine backcountry-skiing experience, while
Myoko Ski Park Resort and Kyukamura Myoko Ski Resort are suitable for families who prefer a more leisurely approach to skiing. Every ski
area also allows full access to snowboarders, and includes runs with half-pipes, quarter-pipes and waves for those who live for the
challenge of winter sports. Myoko is a paradise for winter sports lovers.
Trip Details
Day 1 Tokyo
On arrival in Tokyo make your way to our conveniently located hotel using the detailed instructions in our notes (which
you will get after booking). Explore some of the many fascinating neighbourhoods of the capital before joining the
rest of the group for a welcome meeting and included dinner at an izakaya, a japanese style pub where the focus is
on the drinks and the food is a tasty and filling afterthought. If your jetlag isn’t to bad (or maybe if it’s so bad you’re
nocturnal) join us on a night exploration of one of Tokyo’s infamous entertainment areas before heading to the 45th
floor of the Tokyo government offices for a view over Tokyo’s sea of lights. Optional activity: party all night!

Day 2 Tokyo/Myoko
Start the day at Tsukiji fish market’s outer market where hundreds of shops sell everything from fresh fish to sake
sets to gum boots. Surrounding the market is a huge selection of restaurants selling the freshest sushi and sashimi
you are ever likely to get (and plenty of non fish items if your stomach can’t cope with that in the morning). Join the
market workers for an after work drink (at 8am) or stick to green tea. Options for the morning include zazen
meditation, ikebana, tea ceremony, karate/aikido martial arts, city bike ride, sumo stable visit, Akihabara otaku visit
and kabuki theatre performance before we head to the centre of youth culture for the afternoon. Harajuku has
become world famous for the crazy costumes worn there and we hang out and people watch as the youth primp and
preen on the bridge leading to Tokyo’s most important Shinto shrine.

In the evening we take a bullet train to Myoko, our base for the next 5 days. Only 2 hours from Tokyo, settling in to our
traditional Japanese style lodge and setting up our futons on the tatami mat floors. Hop straight into the onsen if you’
re after a soak or try some of the local sake before our traditional style dinner.

Days 3-4 Myoko slopes
We spend our time on the snow, making the most of the great runs which offer something for skiers and boarders of
all levels – from total beginners to seriously advanced. This large, snowy area consists of four ski slopes. Myoko
Akakura Snow Area provides a variety of runs for all levels of skiers, from beginners to experts. At the foot of the
mountain is a spa town where steam and the scent of hot springs fill the air-the perfect place to enjoy traditional
Japan after a day on the slopes.

Day 5 Snow shoeing
Today’s activity is a day snow shoeing where we get to have our lunch out in the beauty of our surrounding forest. It’s
a great way to get out into winter wonderland that surrounds us so strap on your snow shoes and set off through
snow covered beech forests, walk past frozen waterfalls and take in incredible panoramas of the surrounding
mountain range.

Day 6 Myoko
Our final day on the slopes and the option for the day is some different runs, more snow showing, some more
coaching, heading to the famous temples and shrines of nearby Nagano former Winter Olympic host city or just
relaxing and enjoying the surroundings.

Days 7-8 Tokyo
Heading back to Tokyo by bullet train we have a free afternoon to do some of the many activities on offer, buy some
last minute souvenirs or indulge in a shiatsu massage to ease muscles sore from our time on the slopes. Our final
night dinner is spent at the restaurant that inspired Tarantino’s set design for the House of Blue Leaves scene in Kill
Bill. With so many bars to choose from it would be a shame to head home so early we can pub crawl or karaoke our
way to last train (or first train depending on how the night goes). There is also the option to spend your last night in
Japan in a capsule hotel or love hotel for a slightly different sleeping experience.
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