Whitewater Laos
Laos 5, 7 or 12 days ex Vientiane

Laos is a land locked country of stunning natural beauty, great whitewater, strong spiritual tradition, rich in history and yet relatively
unexplored. Roughly the area of Japan, Laos has less than 6 million people making it one of the most under-populated countries in the
world. Much of the country is composed of striking mountain rages, valleys gorges rivers and thick rain forest. Lao’s principal charm lies in
its abundant nature. With our  professional  fully guided trips you will experience three amazing rivers, the Nam Fa, Nam waun and the
lower Nam kading and see part of Laos rarely explored.

This tour is designed in such a way that you can either join us for 5 days, 7 days or combine the two trips and have an amazing 12 days on
the water!
Trip details
Day 1
10 am meet at khop Chai  Deu restrant bar, tour intro, afternoon shoping.
Stay in gest house. Everning meal together.
5, 7 or 12 days ex

Departure dates
Departs daily (private

Fantastic white water,
Riverside camping, Local
fishermen, Rain Forest,
Quiet countryside, Steep
gorges, Mekong River,

Trip code

Group size
min 1 (private tour)

Songtail, raft, motorised
canoe, walking.

more information and
Day 2
Drive to Luang Nam Tha with stops along the way. One stop being the ancient royal city of
Lung Prabang. Stay in a guest in Lung Nam Tha.
B, L, D
Day 3
Start the Nam Fa. The Nam Fa starts with a grade 3-4 ride in a songtail (converted pick up
truck) along a very muddy road and negotiating  a couple of small rivers. Once at the put-in we
set up the rafts, give the safety talk and paddle instructions before heading down the river. The
first days rapids are only 2-3 But the dense tropical rain forest is breath taking. We camp next
to the river tonight.
B, L, D
Day 4
The rapids start to pick up with some grade 3-4 leading up to Rubicon Gorge. This is probably
the most physically challenging part of the trip as all the gear and rafts need to be portaged
850 meters around the gorge. Camp next to the river.
B, L, D
Day 5
After a good nights sleep from the portage we continue down the Nam Fa . Lots of grade 2-4
rapids. Camp next to the river.
B, L, D
Day 6
The country side becomes more open but still the rapids are consistant. By mid morning we
will have made our way to the Mekong. At the confluence we meet our speed boat to take us
back to civilization. Then a last songtail ride back to Lam Nan Tha and a welcome hot shower
at the guest house.
Day 7
Drive back to Vientine. Stay in a guesthouse.
Day 8/
Day 1
Rest day and meet the people joining us for the next part of the trip. For the new people joining
the second part of the trip, meet at 10am in Khop Chai Deu restaurant  bar.  6.30pm all meet
for dinner at Khop Chai Deu. Stay in a guesthouse

The Nam Muan is a low to mid volume tributary of the Nam Kading river. The Nam Kading is a
large volume river that runs into the Mekong about 50km east of Paksan. A large part of the
river flows through the NBCA with some spectacular forest and limestone formations. As a
white-water trip at the end of the year, the Nam Ka Ding lacks water until it meets the Nam
Muan confluence. This is largely due to the dam 45kms up-stream from the confluence. The
bulk of the water is tapped off for hydro-electricity allowing only 5-7 CMS (Cubic Meters per
Second) for the main Ka Ding River channel. Making the combination of the Nam Muan and
the lower Nam Kading a great option for a white water adventure.
Day 9/
Day 2
Drive out to the put in for the Nam Muan, having lunch on the way. At the start point prep the
rafts here the safty talk lesrn how to make the raft run, then we make our way a little down
steam to the first camp. Camp next to the river.
L, D
Day 10/
Day 3
Make an early start to scout and run the rapids. Camp at the confluence of the Nam Kading.
B, L, D
Day 11/
Day 4
More water with lots of big grade 3  and one grade  5 portage.. Make camp at a small fishing
camp, possible with some local fisherman.
B, L, D
Day 12/
Day 5
Paddle the last few grade 3-4 rapids to where the river widens out. At this point we meet our
motorised canoe to take us the last 15km back to town. Once in town a quick snack at a local
café. Meet the Van and drive back to Vientane for a farewell dinner.