Land of the Rising Sun
Japan 14 days Tokyo to Kyoto

Ever-welcoming and always fascinating, Japan is a land of ancient gods, austere traditions and groundbreaking technology. Experience the
best that this diverse country has to offer from the excitement of lively Tokyo and feudal history of ancient castles to the sacred resting places
of shoguns and panoramic views of Japan's lush countryside.
Trip Details
Days 1-2 Tokyo
Beneath the neon lights, high-tech gadgetry and crowded suburbs is a city
steeped in ancient traditions and cultures. Visit Ueno Park where delicate
trees provide a beautiful backdrop to various museums or head into the
upmarket district of Ginza for some retail opulence.

Day 3 Nikko
Arguably Japan's most famous area of shrines, Nikko houses several sacred
sites including the resting places of the Tokugawa shoguns. If ornate
architecture and multicoloured carvings are not your thing, the cedar
tree-populated Mt Nakimushi offers a pleasant hiking alternative.

Days 4-5 Hakone
Relax on a boat cruise across Lake Ashinoko before enjoying picturesque
views of the region on a cable car ride over the surrounding mountains. Don't
miss the chance to soak in an outdoor onsen, while the adventurous might
want to try a sulphur-boiled egg.

Days 6-7 Takayama
With its sake breweries, traditional inns and art galleries, Takayama is a
delightful little town nestled in the Japanese Alps. Check out the Hida Folk
Village for a glimpse of traditional life among artisans and thatched-roof

Days 8-10 Hiroshima
This reborn city has a vibrant energy that belies its tragic history. The A-Bomb
Dome and Peace Museum make for a moving experience, as does the
famous floating torii gate of Miyajima's grand Itsukushima-jinja shrine.

Days 11-14 Kyoto
Gain insight into feudal Japan at Himeji-Jo Castle en route to Kyoto, where a
visit to the magnificent gold-plated Kinkaku-ji Temple should not be missed.
Tour the geisha district of Gion before saying sayonara to the Land of the
Rising Sun.