Japan Through the Lens
Japan 13 days Kyoto to Tokyo

Load up your camera for a journey through the Land of the Rising Sun. A fascinating country where the past meets the present, and the
present blurs into the future. You might spot Geisha in traditional kimono walking alongside trendy teens in the latest fashions, and discover
tiny traditional teahouses with tatami floors right next door to shiny modern buildings. Amazingly hi-tech, yet home to a treasure trove of
historical and natural delights, Japan will have you reaching for your camera at every turn.
Days 1-4 Kyoto
Countless historically priceless structures reflect Kyoto's imperial past. An early
start affords the magical sight of daybreak over the 10,000 vermillion torii gates at
the Fushimi Inari Shrine - bring a flask of green tea to keep warm. Afterwards,
sample local specialties such as paper-thin pickled turnip at the colourful Nishiki
market. Keep an eye out for resplendently dressed Geisha on an evening walk
around the traditional streets of Gion. We go on a daytrip to the stunning Himeji

Days 5-6 Takayama
Nestled in a wide basin beneath snow-capped mountains, Takayama retains an
old-world feel. Learn how traditional sake (rice wine) is made in the charming
Old Town and later, wander the rustic Hida Folk Village. An open air museum
exhibiting centuries-old thatched-roof farmhouses, you'll get a wonderful insight
into rural life in the Edo period. Tonight, enjoy a 12-course Japanese feast in a
stunning 200 year old farmhouse.

Days 7-8 Nikko
Keep an eye out for the elusive Mount Fuji as we travel to Nikko. Home to Japan's
most lavishly decorated shrine, Nikko offers a peek into the secret world of the
samurai. For breathtaking volcanic scenery, glassy lakes and a chance to get
close to Japanese wildlife, head out on a hike in the nearby national park.

Days 9-13 Tokyo
This busy metropolis features everything from brightly-lit entertainment districts to
serene temples and gardens. Head to Harajuku on Sunday for a look at Tokyo's
trendiest teens, dressed up in crazy costumes. Make an early morning visit to the
enormous Tsukiji Fish Market to witness the frenzy of a tuna auction and enjoy
some very fresh fish - sushi - for breakfast. For our final night dinner delve into
the art of self service Japanese cooking - and capture your creations on camera
before tucking in.
Departure dates
29 Mar 2009

Trip code

Group size
min 4, max 12

Meals included
12 breakfasts and 3 dinners

Important notes
1. All travellers must arrive with a 14-day Japan Rail (JR)
pass. Please arrange this through your travel agent.
2. Some accommodation has shared bathroom facilities

Subway, local trains, Bullet train, local bus, walking

Superior ryokans (Japanese style guesthouses) (8 nts),
hotel (4 nts)  

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