Japan Family Adventure
Japan 14 days Tokyo to Kyoto

The land of the rising sun is sure to be a hit with travellers of all ages and is a safe and family friendly destination. From the metropolis of
Tokyo with it's big city bustle and Tokyo Disney we head to the Izu peninsula, a paradise for lovers of the outdoors. Osakan's are famous for
their love of food and we have the chance to make our own takoyaki - balls of batter with chunks of octopus inside as well as wander down
Dotonbori food street with its neon lights, visit Universal Studios and see a whale shark at the aquarium. Nearby Kyoto is full of historic and
picturesque nooks and crannies and is a great place to wander backtreets while keeping an eye out for the elusive geisha who call this city
Trip Details
Days 1-3 Tokyo
Get to know the rest of our group at our group meeting and enjoy some traditional Japanese food at a child friendly
resteraunt. Learn some basic Japanese that will help you and the kids to talk to all the friendly locals then head out to
explore the best that Tokyo has to offer. Activities include Yoyogi Park and Harajuku on a Sunday, numerous parks and
gardens or a visit to Tokyo Disneyland. We also enjoy an evening dinner cruise and float past the modern architecture of
Tokyo Bay’s foreshore while feasting on monja yaki, a Tokyo specialty.

Days 4-5 Izu
Izu is incredibly popular with Japanese families and it’s easy to see why! Our villa in Shimoda is run by a friendly
Japanese family and we get to know them over a fantastic seafood BBQ. Being close to the beach there are plenty of
water sport options: sea kayaking, swimming, snorkelling or you can do some cycling and hiking in the hills nearby.
There is also a chance to learn about the fascinating marine biology of the area.

Days 6-8 Osaka
We head to Japan’s third largest city, Osaka, where there’s always something going on. Walk along the neon lit food
street of Dotonbori, explore Osaka castle, soak in Spa World, eat some okonomiyaki (Japanese pancake), see the whale
shark at Osaka Aquarium, and make your own takoyaki (octopus batter balls). We take a trip to Universal Studios, Japan’
s most well known theme park after Tokyo Disneyland. For the carnivores amongst us there’s also an option to taste
some of the famous massaged and beer fed Kobe beef.

Days 9-10 Hiroshima
A fantastically vibrant city with a tragic past, Hiroshima is home to the Peace Park and Children’s Peace Memorial as well
as the A-bomb dome and museum. Just outside Hiroshima is the island of Miyajima, with the floating Tori gate which is
considered one of the 3 best views in Japan. Also on the island is a large population of deer who you can feed specially
sold biscuits and monkeys on the mountain in the center. If we’re lucky there will be a baseball game while we’re here
and we’ll see the much loved local team (Hiroshima Carp) take on their rivals.

Day 11 Himeji/Kyoto
We visit the imposing Himeji castle en route to Kyoto. Built around 400 years ago this UNESCO World Heritage listed
castle was designed to trick invading forces through a series of well designed tricks. Learn why it was so difficult to attack
and learn about the people who lived here including Princess Sen, the granddaughter of the Edo era’s first shogun.

Days 12-14 Kyoto
The imperial capital for over 1,000 years Kyoto has plenty of sightseeing options. We visit Nijo castle with its squeaky
floors to reveal eavesdroppers and stroll around the backstreets of Gion to spot geisha. If you’re interested in temples
and shrines Kyoto has over 2,000 of them but we recommend a couple in particular: the golden pavilion, Ryoan-ji zen
rock garden and Kiyomizu Dera with its impressive wooden stage overlooking Kyoto. You can also head out to the
bamboo forests of Arashiyama to check out the monkey park or take a boat down the river. Day 14 is departure day and
you’re free to depart at any time.
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