Land of the Morning Calm
14 days ex Seoul

Where would you have to be to experience a two week trip that takes in the worlds longest lava tunnel, a soak in natural springs after
walking through patchwork reds and yellows of old growth maple forest, 3rd century Buddhist temples, 2,000 year old tombs, living folk
villages, an overnight stay in a working monastery, friendly locals, great fresh seafood?

So where would you be? Somewhere in Asia perhaps? Somewhere famous in Asia where everyone wanted to go or had already been?  
Somewhere that travel magazines devoted many pages of articles and beautiful images to promoting? Would South Korea come to mind?
This 2 week trip spends some time in Seoul, one of the most amazing and underrated cities in the world, before heading into some
stunning National Park and World heritage areas.
Trip Details
Days 1-4 Seoul
One of the most amazing and underrated cities in the world. Ancient history dating from the joint establishment of the
city and the Yi Dynasty in 1392 right in the heart of downtown. We stay in the city center amongst its parks, markets and
temples, where we will see the 600 year old changing of the guard at Deoksugung Temple as well as the 27 Yi Kings
in the dramatic Jongmyo and Changgyeonggung complexes. While in Seoul we will take a day tour out to the
Demilitarized Zone and look across in North Korea as well as a fantastic National culture and music performance. The
city has many things to do for all tastes including boat trips, mountain hikes, bush walks and its famous war museum.
We will return for our final night but people are still encouraged to come early to take in all this city has to offer.

Days 4-6 Seoraksan
A real treat. This area is known as the most beautiful national park in Korea. Stunning walks of all levels of difficulty
through waterfalls, lush old growth forest, springs, temples, rivers and peaks. After a long days walk, enjoy one of the
many natural bathing springs the park has to offer.

Days 6-8 Gyeong Ju
One of the best places in the whole of Asia, the 'museum without walls' as it is called, was home of the Silla Dynasty
for over a 1,000 years from 57BC when the family ruled the whole peninsula.  Many new treasures from the period are
still being found today and as such there is so much to see and do that many weeks in the area would still not be
enough to do all the is on offer. Many sights and temples, including the nearby mid-8th-century stone Buddha in the
Seokguram Grotto, the living folk village, the 7th century sea tomb and the many 2,000 year old burial tombs in
Namsam National Park to the south. All great for walks and mountain bike rides amongst the areas history.

Day 9 Tongdosa
Korea’s largest temple, which houses an excellent Buddhist art museum. Here we will stay in a working monastery
inhabited by about 30 monks. We have a chance to cook, clean, meditate and eat with the monks who we may be able
to learn some traditional arts – like lantern making, tea ceremony - from. The area is also in a stunning mountain
setting with great walks along pristine creeks.

Days 10-12 Jeju Island  
This area is known as the ‘Islands of the Gods’ and it’s volcanic rock and temperate climate means it offers visitors a
chance for great hikes to witness ocean sunrises and sunsets, stunning coastal bike rides, horse riding, the worlds
longest lava cave, impressive waterfalls, sandy beaches and great fresh seafood. You can do some of the many walks
in the nature reserves and traditional fishing villages as wet-suited women dive for shells or head to Korea's highest

Day 13 Mokpo
A quick stop over on the way back to Seoul at a small town famous for it’s wet market which has octopuses for sale
and Yudal san which overlooks the sea and harbour for wonderful sunrise views and walks.

Day 14 Seoul
We head back to Seoul by ferry and bus (9 hours) to have our final night dinner and some fun in this lively city.  Or
perhaps last minute shopping at the Korea's largest market near Namdaemun, the impressive South Gate.
Departure dates
Dates to suit your
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