Tokyo Unleashed
Japan 8 days ex Tokyo

Tokyo is worth a week. It is without doubt one of the most amazing cities in the world. From a sleepy coastal town in the early 16th century, it
became one of the largest cities in the world within a century. This fun, comprehensive and little-bit- different itinerary will help unleash all
that is modern Tokyo by allowing you to discover the best of Old Edo and her 'downtown' area, as well as all the highlights of New Tokyo, by
foot and – of course – by bike. This week includes guided rides and walks of some of the unique and different areas scattered around Tokyo
and that help tell her story, as well as some free time for extra activities. Tokyo is a fusion of both ancient and modern worlds... and on a bike
is the best way to see it!
Trip Details
Day 1 arrive Tokyo
This is arrival day and you are free to explore the many areas of Tokyo before our scheduled group meeting. There
will be information at the local inn (ryokan) to let you know where to go for the group meeting and after we'll head out
for some dinner with a local flavour and a chance to wander an eclectic market or let go of your desire to be a rock
star and visit a karaoke box – Tokyo style.

Day 2 Tokyo (Harajuku, Shinjuku)
After a local breakfast at our ryokan and an intro to the Japanese language, we spend the day exploring the Sunday
youth culture of Harajuku and Shibuya as many fringe groups assemble near Yoyogi Park to meet and have fun.
There is the chance to rent a bike and ride around the nearby Meiji Shrine, the most visited Shinto Monument in
Tokyo. We then head for a night tour of the seedy side of Shinjuku – the infamous Kabuki cho and its many
interesting nooks and crannies.

Day 3 Tokyo (Ryogoku, Ginza, Odaiba)
Visit a Sumo stable to watch the tough morning training session and visit the Sumo Museum. A 'best of old Edo'
Urban landscape bike tour (35km) taking in the 16th century moat-surrounded Palace Gardens, the famous Ginza
district (home of the Sony Building and National Kabuki Theatre), checking out Tokyo Bay and a former Shogunate

Day 4 Tokyo (Tsukiji, Akihabara)
We have an early morning planned at the world's largest (by weight and turnover) fish market – Tsukiji. The city
within a city. We are treated to a great sushi breakfast by a family who have been serving great fresh seafood to the
markets workers and clients for over 300 years. We then move into the old downtown area of Akihabara which is
now home to 'electronics town' district of new Tokyo. Home of the new wave of Japanese 'otaku' or geek!

Day 5 Tokyo (Meguro, Hamamatsucho)
Another great day on the bike learning some secret spots that show Tokyo transforming from a small village in late
15th century to be the biggest city in the world 100 years later. We have a nice city ride of around 50km that takes in
the wonderful Museum of Photography and finishes with some sake tasting. Tonight we partake in the wonderfully
unique experience of a night in a capsule hotel.

Day 6 Tokyo Free time
You have the chance to enjoy a free day in and around Tokyo. With so much to do we think it is only fair we let you
explore things that take your fancy; whether it is Japanese gardens, J-pop culture, martial arts, more time on the
bike or a day trip seeing the amazing sights of Kamakura or Nikko, we can help you make best use of this time. We
meet back at our ryokan to go out on Tokyo Bay for an all you can eat (and drink!) evening of Monja, a local specialty.
You will have a chance to cook your own version of this savoury pancake on a hot plate right on your table!

Day 7 Tokyo (Oshiage, Iriya)
Today we have a day in Japanese antiquity by studying some calligraphy, making our own lunch of soba noodles at
a 300 year old restaurant from which some of the country's best noodle makers graduate and trying our hand at a
tea ceremony. We will finish with some fine food in one of the more happening parts of town and see where the
night takes us – bright lights, good food and – of course – karaoke.

Day 8 depart Tokyo
Departure day - time to say our final sayonnaras.
8 days ex Tokyo