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Japan 14 days ex Tokyo

An amazingly dynamic and eclectic country, Japan has a lot more active options than most people are aware of. With so much of the
population concentrated in the cities, much of the mountainous countryside is underpopulated and perfect for outdoor adventuring, a fact we
make full use of on this trip. Starting off in Tokyo you’ll quickly realise that even in the biggest metropolis in the world there are pockets of the
old city which was once the home of samurai warriors and geisha. From Tokyo we travel to the iconic Mount Fuji, long revered as the abode
of the gods. Not content with simply climbing it we take another route down the mountain and do some whitewater rafting on our way down
the Fuji River. In the shadow of Mount Fuji ancient lava flows have formed the Izu peninsula and we hike, bike and kayak our way around this
rugged landscape. Our final stop before heading back to the capital is one of Tokyo’s many islands to look deep into the crater of its recently
erupted volcano.
Trip Details
Days 1-3 Tokyo
Without doubt one of the most amazing cities in the world, Tokyo went from being a sleepy
coastal town to one of the largest cities in the world after it was chosen as the shogun’s
capital in the 16th century. An incredible 10% of Japan’s population live in this metropolis
area so it’s no wonder most people’s perceptions of it centre on neon and concrete but
there’s much more to this diverse city than first meets the eye. We explore Tokyo on our
bikes and on foot and visit Tsukiji fish market, a sumo stable, try out some karate and the
backstreets of the old downtown before a night tour of one of the capitals more infamous

Day 4 Kawaguchiko
Transferring to Kawaguchi ko, in the shadow of Mount Fuji, we do a ridge walk along a trail
used by samurai warriors and imperial messengers thousands of years ago. There is a
chance for some stunning views of the iconic mountain rising from the Kanto Plain.

Days 5-6 Mt Fuji
We ride our bikes around the beautiful Fuji lakes area before starting our ascent of the iconic
mountain from Fuji Yoshida. Japan’s tallest and most sacred mountain, Mt Fuji has long
considered the abode of the gods and has been a pilgrimage route for centuries. Today we
climb to our mountain hut accommodation at around 3,000 meters and rise around 3am to
get to the summit for sunrise. After a descent to the fifth station take mountain bikes and
whitewater rafts down the mountain.

Days 7-8  Matsuzaki
We make the most of our time on the Izu Peninsula, picking up road bikes to cycle along the
spectacular coastline (100km) and heading out into the sea for some sea kayaking. Other
options are swimming, canoing, hiking, snorkeling or just plain relaxing! A night sea kayak
reveals the illuminated plankton that the area is famous for before we indulge in a fantastic
seafood buffet.

Days 9-10 Shimoda
Another great cycle (80 km) takes us to the historically significant city of Shimoda which was
Commodore Perry's landing spot in 1853. The beaches here are amazing and the water is
crystal clear so a surfing or windsurfing lesson with our local guides comes highly
recommended. We transfer up to the Peninsula’s highest point, an extinct volcano, to pick up
our mountain bikes for a twisting ride down to sea level through the area’s lovely fertile
farmland and get a feel for the agricultural life that generations of farmers have enjoyed.

Days 11-12 Oshima
We catch a ferry to O-shima, the largest island in the Izu area. A volcanic island dominated
by Mt Mihara which last erupted in 1986. Looking into the crater of the recently erupted
volcano is sure to send a thrill down your spine. After some cycling  exploration of Oshima
we take the ferry back to Tokyo.

Days 13-14 Tokyo
Back in the big city we have some great activities that will teach you more about Japanese
life, history, religion, arts and culture. For dinner we take a night cruise on Tokyo Bay and try
out our cooking skills as we cook our own dinner! On the menu are Okonomiyaki and Monja.
Better known overseas as “Japanese omelette” or “Japanese pancake”, okonomiyaki is a
mixture of batter, cabbage, Worcestershire sauce and a choice of other toppings. Monja is
similar but the batter is runnier and it is a Tokyo specialty. A perfect final night as we relax
over a beer as the lights of Tokyo reflect off the waters of the bay.
11 Jul 09
29 Aug 09
26 Sep 09

Old and new Tokyo, Tsukiji fish market,
Sumo, Mountain hikes, Shinto shrines,
Sunrise from Mt Fuji, White water rafting, Sea
kayaking, Mountain biking, Volcanoes,

Trip code

Group size
Min 4, max 12

Meals included
12 breakfasts, 5 lunches, 8 dinners

Guide, driver and mechanic
Kayak rental (as part of the tour)
MTB rental (as part of the tour)
Rafting day as part of itinerary
All travel as part of the itinerary
All park fees and government taxes.
Use of radios/phones to increase your safety.

Items of a personal nature such as passport,
visa and traveler’s insurance.
Extra meals and beverages.
Activities like kayaking, travel for hiking,
temple/shrine entry not part of the itinerary

Important notes
1. Some accommodation has shared
bathroom facilities

Cycling, walking, subway, local train, express
train, ferry, mountain bikes, rafting.

hotels (1 nt), guesthouse (11 nts), monastery
(1 nt)

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