Victorian Coast Cycle
Australia 8 days ex Melbourne 7 - 14 Feb 2009

Hop on your bikes and enjoy spectacular coastal views and native animals on this unique itinerary. Australia is an isolated continent in the
southern hemisphere and the state of Victoria has everything from beautiful coastline to rainforests, mountains, and desert. On this trip we
ride along the spectacular coastline, where ocean swells from the South Pole hit against the cliffs of the coast and carve the rock into
amazing shapes such as the 12 Apostles in Port Campbell National Park. In the inland Grampians National Park we see some of the many
animals and plants that are unique to Australia and learn more about the original inhabitants, the Aborigines, who have lived here for
thousands of years. We also visit one of Australia’s most famous surfing beaches as well as visit a well known winery for some wine
tasting before heading inland and meeting some of the Aussie characters who call the rural areas home. Every day is full of new adventures!

All profits go toward drought relief efforts in the rural areas visited.
Trip Details
Day 1 Melbourne - Torquay
Arrival day. Starting point: Melbourne Tullamarine airport 13:00 7 Feb
2009. Group meeting and transfer to Torquay. Welcome dinner.

Day 2 Bells Beach - Wye River
Cycle from Bells Beach to Wye River along the Great Ocean Road

Day 3 Wye River - Lavers Hill
Coastal scenery and national park forest ride, nature walk,
swimming break (60km, hilly).

Day 4 Lavers Hill - Peterborough
Coastal ride, stunning coastal views of 12 Apostles area and
shipwrecks (50 km). Outdoor BBQ with wild kangaroos nearby.

Day 5 Dunkeld - Halls Gap
Transfer to Dunkeld, start ride to Halls Gap. Beautiful forest and
national park ride. Visit a local winnery for tasting, stay in Log Cabins
and BBQ dinner near wild kangaroos (60km).

Days 6-7 Murtoa
Bush and wheat field ride. BBQ with local family to learn more about
Murtoa (population 700) and visit to the local pub to meet some of the
local characters. Meet and chat with many locals - try some cricket
and some Australian football.

Day 8 Melbourne
Transfer back to Melbourne. Finishing point: Melbourne Tullamarine
airport 14 Feb 08:00
Great Ocean Road, Bell's Beach, Torquay, Winery visit and tasting,
Grampians National Park, Wildlife, Aussie BBQ, Cottage stay, Farm