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Active trips
Thrilling adventures is the simplest way to describe these trips. As you'd expect, activity is the key. Though we're talking
cycling, kayaking and walking rather than rock climbing or paragliding - we'll leave the extreme sports to the experts! Active
trips offer real life experiences, combining a challenging hike, say, with a night's stay in a family guesthouse. You don't need
to be super fit for all Active trips, but they're ideal if you want a physical challenge along with plenty of cultural interaction.
If you're looking for a cycling adventure with a difference and the chance to explore the unique sights, sounds and peoples of
Asia then check out these trips. We specialise in getting you off the well-trodden tourist trails and slowing down to take in
some of the unique scenery and traditions on the roads less taken.
On foot is the slowest, and therefore most in depth way to experience a destination and we take you to some fascinating
places and meet some great local characters. Local interaction, unique scenery and hidden treasures make some of the
most memorable travel days.
These tours are all about variety: the places, the people, the activities, and even the accommodation and transport used.
While we see the sights in the place we visit it's as much about meeting the owner of the local restaurant or finding our own
little corner of an often visited area.
A long way from the typical 'child friendly holiday', Family adventures give your kids a chance to discover the world as you do.
And the best thing is there's just as much for parents to enjoy too. NOTE: this is not a baby sitting service; far from it, these
trips are an opportunity to spend time together in a truly stimulating way. And with the security of an experienced team leader
on hand, you don't need to be well travelled - just ready for adventure!
A photography tour gives you a hands-on opportunity to develop or polish your skills as a photographer, brings you together
with individuals with similar interests, and gives you a unique perspective on a the destinations visited. We visit the best
seasonal sights and make the most of events and festivals to give you the opportunity to snap some great travel
Women only
Travel on your own and meet other fun loving women or bring your mother, sister, daughter or best female friend. Designed
for women who want to get out there and have fun they combine sightseeing, cycling, hiking and learning about the cultures
of the places you're visiting.
Self guided bike
With our detailed notes you can explore completely at your own pace, safe in the knowledge that we have taken care of all
the details for you. You don't need to be super fit to enjoy these holidays, just enthusiastic about discovering beautiful
destinations on foot.
Self guided hike
With our detailed notes you can explore completely at your own pace, safe in the knowledge that we have taken care of all
the details for you. You don't need to be super fit to enjoy these holidays, just enthusiastic about discovering beautiful
destinations on foot.
Food and gourmet
Food, glorious food. If you eat to live then these tours are for you: learn more about the delicious cuisine as we go to places
known for their local specialties. Take part in cooking classes and combine your love of food with interacting with local
people and some sightseeing to work off the feasts you've indulged in.
Short break
If you have less than a week it's still possible to have an interesting, educational and relaxing break. With all the fiddly bits
taken care of you're free to explore without the stress of pre-planning or on the ground arrangements. Let us take care of the
logistics and you can relax and enjoy your short holiday.
One day adventures
Have you been living in Japan for a while but not got out to see some of the sights nearby? These tours take less than 24
hours and cover all sorts of interests. We take care of the logistics, all you have to do is get out of bed and get to the meeting
If winter is your favourite season then check out our winter trips. Combining winter sports with sightseeing and some of the
best seasonal events they make the most of what the winter season has to offer. Skiing, Snowboarding and visits to the
winter festivals and snow monkeys that Northern Japan is famous for.
Comfort is your kind of style if you want a few little extras, but don't want to compromise on the whole grassroots travel
experience. You get to stay in better hotels and guesthouses, all with plenty of local character, and may travel in private
transport as well as joining locals on public transport. You're as likely to find yourself paddling a kayak as indulging in a
banquet. These are real life experiences, just with a softer landing.
Whether you're learning English or Japanese there's something here for you. Homestays are available for full immersion or
combine language study with sightseeing to practice your newly learned skills.
Special Events
When there's a special event going on our on the ground specialists know about it and are in the perfect position to help you
organise accommodation, entrance and any sightseeing before and after the event. Have a look at the events we already
cover or
contact us if you have any requests.
Custom made and private tours
If you're looking for something different (perhaps group travel isn't for you) or you want an extension to your trip, an private
adventure could be just the thing. These private itineraries can accommodate a special interest, such as cookery or
meditation. Transport, accommodation standard and inclusions vary from trip to trip - please check full details. Otherwise if
you like the look of our tours and have a group please don't hesitate to contact us for a quote on a custom made itinerary.