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An amazingly diverse and eclectic country, Japan has something for everyone. From the most populous metropolis in the
world to deserted mountain peaks and a culture and history spanning thousands of years you'll be surprised at every turn at
what Japan has to offer travellers.
The flattest and most isolated continent, Australia has a diversity of environments and unique wildlife roaming its
underpopulated expanses.  It's people have a laid back attitude to life best described in their favourite saying: "she'll be right".
Accessible, welcoming and justifiably famous for its wealth of outdoor adventure options, the mountains and national parks
are perfect for an active escape while the cities are great places to unwind or indulge after a rewarding few days in the
China's diverse cultures, environments and cuisines make it an ever fascinating place to visit. From historical monuments to
lively street scenes, just ordering a steamed bun can be an adventure!
Often overlooked as a tourist destination, Korea is perfectly situated and easily accessible from neighbouring Asian
countries and its under visited attractions will entrance the visitor as will the legendary hospitality of its people.
Surrounded by the superpowers of China and Russia, Mongolia is a rural country with nomadic traditions and very few
fences. Roads meander toward the horizon and the earthy local people welcome you into their yurts with bowls of salty tea.
The United Kingdom is a diverse place full of surprises for the adventurous traveller.
Southeast Asia
A diverse and fascinating part of the world, full of culture, history and friendly faces. We have tours in Thailand, Laos,
Cambodia and Indonesia (Bali).
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