Sights tours
Land of the Morning Calm
Korea 14 days ex Seoul
Worlds longest lava tunnel, Soak in natural springs after walking an old growth maple forest, 3rd century Buddhist temples,
2,000 year old tombs, living folk villages, an overnight stay in a working monastery, friendly locals, great fresh seafood.
Land of the Rising Sun
Japan 14 days Tokyo to Kyoto
Neon lights of Tokyo, Tomb of shoguns, Onsens, View Mt Fuji, Sake, Hiroshima Peace Park, Geishas, Traditional Japan.
Lost Japan
Japan 14 days Tokyo to Kyoto
Bustling Tokyo, Tempura, Ancient temples of Kamakura, Lush Iya Valley, Nagasaki peace park, Rural Ojika island, Geisha
heartland of Gion.
Japan Basix
Japan 9 days Tokyo to Kyoto
Tokyo sights, Tsukiji fish market, Shogun's resting place, View of Mt Fuji, Hot springs, Bullet train, Geisha, Temples and
shrines of Kyoto.\
Winter Japan
Japan 14 days ex Tokyo
Sapporo snow festival, Tsukiji Fish Market, Sake brewery, Snow Lanterns, Ski or Snowboard, Matsushima Bay, Shogun's
Food Lover's Japan
Japan 14 days Tokyo to Kyoto
Tsukiji Fish Market, Traditional cuisine, Buddhist retreat, Zazen meditation, Osakan food culture, Cooking school, Geisha.
Highlights of Tokyo and Kyoto
Japan 7 days Tokyo to Kyoto
World's largest fish market, Ginza shopping, Sumo, Traditional Inn, Ancient temples and shrines, Tea ceremony, Geisha
Gardens of Japan
Japan 11 days Tokyo to Kyoto
Tokyo, Tsukiji fish market, Visit all of Japan’s 3 most beautiful gardens, Traditional architecture and sake tasting in
Takayama, Samurai towns, Himeji castle, Temples and shrines of Kyoto. Geisha district of Gion
Flavours of Tokyo
Japan 4 days ex Tokyo
Tsukiji fish market, Cooking class of typical Japanese dishes, Make your own noodles, Stay in a traditional Japanese Inn.
Snow Monkeys
Japan 5 days ex Tokyo
Tsukiji fish market, Tokyo's neon, Buddhist temple, Mountain scenery, Snow Monkeys, Onsen, Soba noodles, Stay in a
traditional Inn.