Short Breaks
Yangshuo Cooking School
China 5 days ex Guilin
Learn the secrets of Chinese cooking, Cycle among rice paddies and limestone mountains, Shop local market, Walk along
the scenic Li River, Experience China's fusion of tradition and modernity, Take home a cook book and plenty of new skills
Yangshuo Adventure
China 5 days ex Guilin/Yangshuo
Cycle through the countryside, Lush rice fields, Local village life, Karst scenery, Li River boat ride, Rural markets, Ancient
British Columbia Self Guided Hike
Canada 6 days ex Vancouver
Downtown Vancouver, Alpine scenery, Marmots, Birdwatching, Wildflowers, Wilderness camping, Vancouver Harbour dinner
Welsh Coasteering and Cycling
Wales 5 days ex Cardiff
Pembrokshire's rugged beauty, Exploring the coast from sea level, Home cooked meals, Cycling deserted bike paths.
Mt Fuji Extension
Japan 5 days ex Tokyo
Traditional Japanese inns, Climb Mt Fuji, Rustic mountain hut, Dynamic Tokyo.
Tokyo Self Guided Bike
Japan 5 days ex Tokyo
Big city lights of Shinjuku, Tsukiji fish market, Ginza shopping district, Harajuku cos-play kids, Imperial gardens, Riverside
bike paths.
Kyoto Self Guided Bike
Japan 5 days ex Kyoto
Ancient shrines, Bamboo forests, Geisha, Zen temples, Riverside bike paths, Onsens, Rice fields, Backstreets of Gion.
Izu Self Guided Bike
Japan 5 days ex Tokyo
Tokyo's neon, Stunning coastal scenery, Onsens, Quiet beaches, Fuji views, Sea kayaking, Seafood BBQ, Friendly locals.
Flavours of Tokyo
Japan 4 days ex Tokyo
Tsukiji fish market, Cooking class of typical Japanese dishes, Make your own noodles, Stay in a traditional Japanese Inn.
Mt. Fuji Marathon Package
Japan 5 days ex Tokyo
Explore Tokyo, Take part in Japan's most difficult climbing race, the Mt. Fuji Marathon, Stay in a local guest house.
Southern Alps Self Guided Hike
Japan 6 days ex Tokyo
Tokyo's neon, Summit Japan's 2nd highest mountain, Eye level views of Fuji, Rustic Huts, Stunning alpine scenery, Mountain
Tokyo Capsule Hotel Experience
Japan 3 days ex Tokyo
Dive straight in to the metropolis of Tokyo, Spend a night in one of Japan's most unique accommodation, Explore Tokyo by
Mt. Fuji Self Guided Hike