Self Guided Hiking Trips
British Columbia Self Guided Hike
Canada 6 days ex Vancouver
Downtown Vancouver, Alpine scenery, Marmots, Birdwatching, Wildflowers, Wilderness camping, Vancouver Harbour dinner
Mt. Fuji Self Guided Hike
Japan 6 days ex Tokyo
Tokyo city cycle tour, Tsukiji fish market, Climb Mt. Fuji from the base, Shrines, Pilgrimage route, Rustic mountain hut, Local
Shikoku Self Guided Hike
Japan 8 days ex Kyoto
Kyoto sightseeing, Geisha, Rural Japan, Mountain hiking, Rustic huts, Ancient Temples, Pilgrimage sites, Vine bridges,
Southern Alps Self Guided Hike
Japan 6 days ex Tokyo
Tokyo's neon, Summit Japan's 2nd highest mountain, Eye level views of Mt. Fuji, Rustic Huts, Stunning alpine scenery,
Mountain shrines.