Population: 900 (2006 census)
Location: Australia, Victoria's wheat belt

A lovely rural town surrounding Lake Marma, our connection with Murtoa is due
to the owner/manager being born and bred here. Long an important town in
Australia's main wheat producing region, Murtoa has always had a population
deeply in touch with the land and rural Australia.

Local attractions include a massive grain silo that was used to store wheat not
able to be exported during the second world war and the 1862 homestead of
one of the first settlers and is considered to be one of the finest Gothic villas in
western Victoria. Interestingly enough some of the earlier white farmers in the
area were of German descent though it was also home to the Jaadwa
Aboriginals prior to white occupation. The current name of the town comes from
an Aboriginal word thought to mean "home of the lizard".
What it may lack in world famous sites it makes up for in friendliness. What better way to get in touch with the people of Australia by getting
off the tourist track and meeting some of the people who have helped shape the Australian sense of identity?

In recent years Murtoa has been hard hit by the drought that is affecting large parts of Australia. Since 2003 parts of Australia have suffered
the worst drought on record with the El Nino effect in 2006-2007 drying up river systems, killing livestock and making water for irrigation
scarce. The water shortages have majorly affected the way Australian people and the government think of water resources and towns like
Murtoa are particularly vulnerable. With a population highly dependent on the land the hardships have caused many young people to give
up the life of their forefathers and look for jobs in the cities.

By visiting the area we hope to support the local community, educate our travellers about environmental problems Australia faces and
provide an alternative source of income to struggling farmers. After all, if everyone leaves the land who will grow the world's food?

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