Tours in Japan
Japan Fitness Vacation
8 days ex Tokyo
Zen meditation, Karate and aikido, Shiatsu massage, Sumo, Coaching and analysis, Climb Mt Fuji, Sea kayaking, Tokyo Bay
dinner cruise.
Kanto Active
14 days ex Tokyo
Tsukiji fish market, Sumo, Mountain hikes, Shrines, Sunrise from Mt Fuji, Whitewater rafting, Sea kayaking, Mountain biking,
Okinawa Sea Kayaking
7 days ex Tokyo
Tokyo night tour, Ryokans, Sea kayak remote islands, Traditional Ryukyu culture, Snorkel amongst colourful coral and tropical
Japan Active Adventure
14 days Tokyo to Kyoto
Tokyo's neon, Sumo wrestling, Climb Mt Fuji (seasonal), White-water rafting, Mountain bike, Sea Kayaking in Izu, Kyoto cycle,
Tokyo Unleashed
8 days ex Tokyo
Sushi, Karaoke, Sumo, Ancient palaces, Neon lights, World's largest fish market, Ryokans, J-pop culture, Capsule hotels,
Shikoku Biking
9 days ex Kyoto
Geisha, Rural bike rides, Sake tasting, Ryokans, Buddhist mountain retreat, Lush Iya Valley, Stunning coastline, Temples,
Inland Sea.
Islands, Mountains and Monasteries
15 days ex Kyoto
Coastal rides, Vine bridges, Mountains, Shrines, Geishas, Tea ceremony, Hot springs, Peace memorial, Ancient capitals,
Buddhist retreat.
Southern Alps Hike
7 days ex Tokyo
View Mt Fuji at eye-level, Rugged mountains, Rustic huts, Japanese hikers, Climbing, Ryokans, Small restaurants, Hot springs.
Fuji Hike
5 days ex Tokyo
Tokyo bike ride, Local characters, Shrines, Mountain hut, Sunrise from Mt Fuji, Shiatsu massage.
Mt Fuji Extension
5 days ex Tokyo
Traditional Japanese inns, Climb Mt Fuji, Rustic mountain hut, Dynamic Tokyo.
Land of the Rising Sun
14 days Tokyo to Kyoto
Neon lights of Tokyo, Tomb of shoguns, Onsens, View Mt Fuji, Sake, Hiroshima Peace Park, Geishas, Traditional Japan.
Lost Japan
14 days Tokyo to Kyoto
Bustling Tokyo, Tempura, Ancient temples of Kamakura, Lush Iya Valley, Nagasaki peace park, Rural Ojika island, Geisha
heartland of Gion.
Get Lost Escape
8 days ex Tokyo
Tokyo nightlife, Sumo, Karaoke, Love hotels, White-water rafting, Climb Mt Fuji, Sake tasting.
Islands and Backroads of Southern Japan
9 days ex Osaka
Osaka, Hiroshima, Miyajima Island, Shikoku pilgrimage trails, Dogo Onsen, the Iya Valley, and Kobe's gourmet delights
Japan Basix (2009)
9 days Tokyo to Kyoto
Tokyo sights, Tsukiji fish market, Shogun's resting place, View of Mt Fuji, Hot springs, Bullet train, Geisha, Temples and
shrines of Kyoto.
Highlights of Tokyo and Kyoto
7 days Tokyo to Kyoto
World's largest fish market, Ginza shopping, Sumo, Traditional Inn, Ancient temples and shrines, Tea ceremony, Geisha
Food Lover's Japan
14 days Tokyo to Kyoto
Tsukiji Fish Market, Traditional cuisine, Buddhist retreat, Zazen meditation, Osakan food culture, Cooking school, Geisha.
Flavours of Tokyo
4 days ex Tokyo
Tsukiji fish market, Cooking class of typical Japanese dishes, Make your own noodles, Stay in a traditional Japanese Inn.
Women Only
Japan Experience
Japan 9 days Tokyo to Osaka
Kabuki drama, Learn ikebana and tea ceremony, Take part in guided meditation, Have a private party with one of Kyoto's famed
Mt. Fuji and Tokyo
5 days ex Tokyo
Stay in traditional Japanese inns, Climb iconic Mt. Fuji, Explore dynamic Tokyo.
Shikoku Cycling
Japan 15 days ex Kyoto
Coastal rides, Vine bridges, Mountains, Shrines, Geishas, Tea ceremony, Hot springs, Peace memorial, Ancient capitals,
Buddhist retreat.
Japan Family Adventure
14 days Tokyo to Kyoto
Tokyo's neon, Disneyland, Beaches of the Izu peninsula, Outdoor activities, Make takoyaki, Universal Studios, Himeji castle,
Japan Family Independent
Bustling Tokyo, Tokyo Disneyland, Studio Ghibli (animated movies) Museum, Interactive cooking lesson, Bullet train, Kyoto's
temples and shrines, Osaka daytrip, Okonomiyaki dinner.
Hokkaido Family Adventure
6 days ex Sapporo
Daisetsuzan and Shikotsu Toya National Parks, Volcanic peaks, Ainu culture, Onsens, Mountain hikes, Stunning vistas, Crater
Self Guided
Tokyo Self Guided Cycle
5 days ex Tokyo
Big city lights of Shinjuku, Tsukiji fish market, Ginza shopping district, Harajuku cos-play kids, Imperial gardens, Riverside bike
Kyoto Self Guided Cycle
5 days ex Kyoto
Ancient shrines, Bamboo forests, Geisha, Zen temples, Riverside bike paths, Onsens, Rice fields, Backstreets of Gion.
Shikoku Self Guided Hike
8 days ex Kyoto
Kyoto sightseeing, Geisha, Rural Japan, Mountain hiking, Rustic huts, Ancient Temples, Pilgrimage sites, Vine bridges,
Southern Alps Self Guided Hike
6 days ex Tokyo
Tokyo's neon, Summit Japan's 2nd highest mountain, Eye level views of Fuji, Rustic Huts, Stunning alpine scenery, Mountain
Izu Self Guided Cycle
5 days ex Tokyo
Tokyo's neon, Stunning coastal scenery, Onsens, Quiet beaches, Fuji views, Sea kayaking, Seafood BBQ, Friendly locals.
Short Adventures
Tokyo Dawn Ride
1/2 day ex Tokyo
Cycle Tokyo at dawn, Imperial Palace grounds, Tsukiji fish market, World's freshest sushi, Sumida River, Zozoji Temple.
Myoko Explorer
8 days ex Tokyo
Tokyo's neighbourhoods, Myoko's powder slopes, Snowshoeing through forests, Onsens, Japanese food, Sake, Kill Bill
Snow Monkeys
5 days ex Tokyo
Tsukiji fish market, Tokyo's neon, Buddhist temple, Mountain scenery, Snow Monkeys, Onsen, Soba noodles, Stay in a
traditional Inn.
Winter Japan
14 days ex Tokyo
Sapporo snow festival, Tsukiji Fish Market, Sake brewery, Snow Lanterns, Ski or Snowboard, Matsushima Bay, Shogun's
Mt. Fuji Marathon Package
5 days ex Tokyo
Explore Tokyo, Take part in Japan's most difficult climbing race, the Mt. Fuji Marathon, Stay in a local guest house.
Japan Through the Lens
13 days Kyoto to Osaka
Photography tutorials, Geisha in Gion, Folk village, Tsukiji Fish Market, Shogun's mausoleum, Nikko National Park, Lights of