Bike Asia

Bike Asia is an adventure cycling Tour Company that was founded in 2003. The company is owned and operated by two Australians, Naomi
Skinner and Scott Spencer, both with years of experience guiding, tour leading and working in the adventure travel industry. The
company was born out of a passion for Asia, for travel and for cycling (of course!). It is both Scott and Naomi's sincere belief that cycling is
the best way to travel. For more information on their company and operations please visit their

Tours we operate on behalf of Bike Asia
Tokyo Unleashed
Japan 8 days ex Tokyo
Sushi, Karaoke, Sumo, Ancient palaces, Neon lights, World's largest fish market, Ryokans, J-pop culture, Capsule hotels,
Islands, Mountains and Monasteries
Japan 15 days ex Kyoto
Coastal rides, Vine bridges, Mountains, Shrines, Geishas, Tea ceremony, Hot springs, Peace memorial, Ancient capitals,
Buddhist retreat.
Kanto Active